Baseball is Best in Ads

21 08 2007

I hope this year is the final year of the craziness Roger Clemens creates. I’m not a fan of it, and I know Marisa and the rest of the Red Sox nation aren’t too crazy about it either. The Yankee’s rotation should be set after this year, so hopefully there will not be another scene like this year, when Roger announced he was back from Steinbrenner’s game box and I cried and hugged Purce.

The dropped call campaign by Cingular is pretty good. When they include a topic that a whole group of the demographic can really relate to, the ad becomes even more effective. It’s like the ad is speaking directly to you. I’m sure the ads Cingular ran that featured backwards arguments between parents and their kids spoke to parents really well. They recognized the situation, and Cingular positioned their GoPhone as the best solution. Watch the original below.

Well, this situation with Roger really resounds with me, and I think this Cingular ad is my favorite from the campaign. Via Shedwa.

Along the same lines as this ad is the new one by DHL. They feature Kenny Lofton, the centerfielder who has played EVERYWHERE, including a stint for my favorite Yankees. Kenny got upset at his lack of playing time; he thought he should start over Bernie Williams in center. Good luck in Texas, or Cleveland, or wherever you are Kenny. Wish I could find a version of that ad online, I’m sure it will make it up in a few days. Until then, enjoy the Clemens ad, and go Yanks!