Happiness Factory Film Edition

16 08 2007

A few months/years back, Coca-Cola missed the bus with the Coke and Diet Mentos craze. They finally got on it (way too late). Well, they apparently vowed not to do that again. Because they have now created their own buzz around their “Coca-Cola Happiness Factory”.

First, they debuted the original, Happiness Factory commercial, it won a whole bunch of awards, blah blah blah.

Normally, that’s where the story ends. The client pats the account director and creative director on the back, and everyone celebrates.

But this one is different. W + K Amsterdam, those clever bastards, dove into the concept, creating more content and a campaign beyond the :30 or :60 second spots.

The “Documentary” of the Happiness Factory commercial was excellent, especially for people like me who love Christopher Guest’s work, such as This is Spinal Tap and Best in Show. And then they one upped it, putting actual Coca-Cola employees comments into the documentary. This type of “behind the scenes” look is great for a huge corporation like Coca-Cola to do, even if it is through cartoon ‘avatars’. I really thought that was great and look forward to more transparency and employee interaction in the future.

Now, they have captured the imagination by going beyond the story of a Coke bottle in a machine. They have created content based on the little ‘Happiness Factory’ world. The Happiness Factory movie really is an epic tale that draws viewers in. You actually begin to feel emotions for the little imaginative characters. I haven’t felt like that since the Ikea Lamp.

I think this ‘film’ is awesome. It makes me excited to watch what is basically a commercial, and that is rare indeed. Amazing work done by the people over at Psyop. All campaigns should be shooting for this type of story, this type of emotional connection. And there’s no where that says “BUY COKE” in huge letters. The ad creates for you “The Coke Side of Life”, and sets the stage for your imagination….I wonder what those little blue guys are doing right now….

Coca Cola – Happiness Factory 2
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Oh yeah…that’s what they are doing. A lot of blogs to credit for this post, including AdFreak, Adverblog, Everything’s Better With Brentter, Ad Goodness, and AdRants.

Have a great day everybody, and good luck in the job hunt.