Late Show Follow-Up

14 01 2010

Just as a follow-up to my post on this Late Night Show situation, my friend Brian, who is from Germany, told us all about Stefan Raab, who is apparently very very popular there.  He is very talented (music, comedy, etc) and he stays away from any kind of structured show format.  I’ve only watched a little bit of his show, but it looks pretty interesting.  Is this what they were trying with crappy shows like The Jamie Kennedy Experiment?  Watch the video below, it’s Stefan with international pop sensation and funny man Will Smith.  Love it.


Maybe Mr. T is Pretty Handy With Computers

21 11 2007

This ad is fantastic. Like the kind that makes you want to go buy the product. The kind that makes you laugh until the guy two desks over asks you to stop. The kind that makes you wish the A-team would get back together for one more reunion special. The kind that makes you…I guess that’s enough.

For anyone who has ever gotten totally obsessed with any game like World of Warcraft, Mr. T portrays the feelings perfectly. And he has probably never played the game in his life. Or any video game, for that matter. I’m pretty sure if T really tried to play a video game, he would smash the controller, console, TV, coffee table, and walls if he got frustrated.

So either he has never played, he has played and is the best player ever, or he has Home Depot on speedial (to repair the holes in the walls, of course). I’m like a quarter of his size, and I’ve put some controller-sized holes in walls after a frustrating game of Madden.

Anyway, the spot is great, better even than the Toyota Tundra WoW spot. Please enjoy.

kudos to Kotaku for the heads up

Spoof That is So Right

13 11 2007

wonderbra clip

So now I’ve written three or four posts on that incredible Cadbury Gorilla commercial. But now Adfreak is reporting that Wonderbra has created an awesome spoof of the now famous Gorilla Drummer. Right down to the opening nose twitching. And then they added…boobs. Well you can see for yourself here. Or now check it out below:

To me, this is great work for Wonderbra. They clearly have ear close to the ground, and have caught all the buzz on the Cadbury’s spot. They found a good (and not annoying or destructive) way to include their key brand concept. Great, and so very watchable. Enjoy (and don’t kill me Marisa!)

Behind the Scenes with Cadbury Gorilla

4 11 2007

gorilla team

We have all seen some incredible animatronics in our time. But the most popular lately has no doubt been that gorilla from Cadbury’s. Their spot for Dairy Milk has been an internet phenomenon, helped relaunch Phil Collins to a new generation, and has even (gasp) boosted sales! It seems good creative and a well placed viral ad still works afterall.

Daily Mail, an online paper from the Brits, has written a comprehensive guide on everything Cadbury Gorilla.

The article reports all kinds of fun facts about the gorilla, from the actor behind the mask to the tech that makes it possible. Check out the full article here for more. Thanks to Adfreks for the tip-off.

Cadbury Gorilla Spotting

23 09 2007

The Cadbury Gorilla commercial has been one of my all-time favorites since it premiered. I love that damn gorilla!  Check my post of it here.

But today I was watching the NFL preview show on ESPN and this ad comes on. What the heck? That’s my Cadbury gorilla dammit! Get your mitts off him, AXA Equitable.

I wanted to let you be the judge: is that the same gorilla or what? Check out another AXA Equitable ad from YouTube. If it isn’t, is there some crazy advertising gorilla trend starting up here late in ’07? God I hope so. I love gorillas.

Plenty of posts this week, last one was a crazy one for me.

OK eBay, You Win!

17 09 2007

So after I thrashed eBay’s windorphins campaign here and then posted some good old eBay campaigns here, I went over to my good buddies at Agency Spy and watched the latest ad for the windorphins campaign.

Alright, its cute. I’m so glad they got rid of those damn annoying little windorphins blobs. And I’m so happy they didn’t go with the “doctors” concept they illustrated on their windorphins website. Instead, they centered on the windorphins concept, which I think is good in abstract and doesn’t need to be the narrow focus of the entire campaign. I think they have a great idea here, displaying what the ‘race’ to win an eBay contest is like in metaphor.

Stay with the ‘cute’ idea eBay. Your service is simple and easy to use. Many people, from kids to stay-at-home moms, use your product. Keep the humor light and the message simple. I really enjoy that.

Read more with Agency Spy’s coverage here

Better Be Nice to Your Dog

17 09 2007

Saw this over at Cool Loking Ads, also known as the Official Cannes Lions blog.  (And by the way, that is no typo – the site is actually spelled ‘loking’.  I don’t get it, but who am I to judge?)


I think this is a cool, original way of looking at the man-dog relationship. Instead of actually showing the dog relaxing in their favorite spot, the image shows the aftermath, with the human owner uncomfortably situated on the floor.

These ads came not just from extensive numbers research, but also from consumer insights. These insights create an instant emotional connection with dog owners, who are their target. It definitely brought a knowing smile to my face, as I thought about moving Marisa’s golden from his favorite spot.

The art is good too, with the lighting and design separating these ads from traditional dog food fare. Taking the dog out of the ad made it that much more eye-catching and appealing.

My only question is: is the dog food really called Crack Active? Sounds pretty scary.