Power of Ketchup

2 12 2009

CALM Ketchup Packet

now THAT is an image (click for larger pic)

created by Publicis Mojo for the CALM: New Zealand Campaign Against Landmines, this is exactly the type of creative – and creative product experience – that makes you sit up and take notice.  This is definitely a risky placement – how many people really want to think about blood while eating ketchup? – but it’s exactly that type of risk that makes it memorable.

Listen everyone knows that these landmines can be absolutely devastating.  Those of us who don’t live in these areas are so lucky to not have to worry about this during our daily business.  But what more powerful and timely message about this subject could we have, then when we are safely chowing on some fries at a local fast food joint?  Here I am worrying about if they remembered to remove the onions from my burger, and this comes and smacks me on the forehead.  It’s disruptive – but in a good way.

first seen over at Eric Barker’s blog, but coverage also at wrongingrights


Practice Makes a Perfect 30 Seconds

25 11 2009

Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, posted the latest ad from Toyoya’s Hybrid Synergy Drive. While loyal reader’s will know I’m not a fan of automotive ads, this one is different for a few reasons:

First, there’s no car. Really, no one has designed a car that is different enough to require us seeing it again and again in a commercial (except maybe Tesla).

and Second, this ad took an incredible amount of work and practice. You can see this was all shot in one take, which means hours and hours of coordination, planning, and rehearsal. I doubt that is what’s happening in the “professional driver, closed course” ads.

Finally, this ad is a really good way to show off the hybrid concept. I mean everyone gets what a hybrid means, but it is still fun to see it in a real world application. Really well done, although I hope for their sake they don’t have to shoot a sequel!

Maybe Mr. T is Pretty Handy With Computers

21 11 2007

This ad is fantastic. Like the kind that makes you want to go buy the product. The kind that makes you laugh until the guy two desks over asks you to stop. The kind that makes you wish the A-team would get back together for one more reunion special. The kind that makes you…I guess that’s enough.

For anyone who has ever gotten totally obsessed with any game like World of Warcraft, Mr. T portrays the feelings perfectly. And he has probably never played the game in his life. Or any video game, for that matter. I’m pretty sure if T really tried to play a video game, he would smash the controller, console, TV, coffee table, and walls if he got frustrated.

So either he has never played, he has played and is the best player ever, or he has Home Depot on speedial (to repair the holes in the walls, of course). I’m like a quarter of his size, and I’ve put some controller-sized holes in walls after a frustrating game of Madden.

Anyway, the spot is great, better even than the Toyota Tundra WoW spot. Please enjoy.

kudos to Kotaku for the heads up

Spoof That is So Right

13 11 2007

wonderbra clip

So now I’ve written three or four posts on that incredible Cadbury Gorilla commercial. But now Adfreak is reporting that Wonderbra has created an awesome spoof of the now famous Gorilla Drummer. Right down to the opening nose twitching. And then they added…boobs. Well you can see for yourself here. Or now check it out below:

To me, this is great work for Wonderbra. They clearly have ear close to the ground, and have caught all the buzz on the Cadbury’s spot. They found a good (and not annoying or destructive) way to include their key brand concept. Great, and so very watchable. Enjoy (and don’t kill me Marisa!)

Behind the Scenes with Cadbury Gorilla

4 11 2007

gorilla team

We have all seen some incredible animatronics in our time. But the most popular lately has no doubt been that gorilla from Cadbury’s. Their spot for Dairy Milk has been an internet phenomenon, helped relaunch Phil Collins to a new generation, and has even (gasp) boosted sales! It seems good creative and a well placed viral ad still works afterall.

Daily Mail, an online paper from the Brits, has written a comprehensive guide on everything Cadbury Gorilla.

The article reports all kinds of fun facts about the gorilla, from the actor behind the mask to the tech that makes it possible. Check out the full article here for more. Thanks to Adfreks for the tip-off.

The Ballet Goes Off the Path

8 10 2007

bike path

So I’m sure you’ve seen the new Renault “Ballet” commercial. If not, here it is on YouTube:

Reader’s of this blog know I love to look at and dissect auto advertising. I have no clue why, I just find it fascinating. There are few other industries where the types of commercials vary so widely in their artistic quality and message. You start with incredible, thought-provoking stuff like the “Go Beyond” spot for Land Rover, to total push-type crap like Billy Fuccillo:

I enjoy him for comedic purposes, and he has definitely blanketed the East Coast with his repetitive and, ahem, inventive spots. Guess it goes to show that if you have enough money, you can get your name out there big-time.

My point is, this Renault ad has really caught a lot of people’s attention lately, and I started thinking – what if all car ads were like this? But specifically, what if everything related to cars went something like this.

My main client is a large, American-based Auto Insurance company. And up till now, they have always played it conservative, with direct mail, basic online presence, and fairly common-style television spots. But I’d love to see them take a bit of their budget and move it towards something off the beaten path, something totally different and eye-catching.

Looking at Auto Insurance, it’s hard to show the product working. But how about a new look at car damage, the way the ballet ad did here for Renault. How can the interaction between the car owner and their insurance company become a dance, not a cold or troublesome experience? It occurs to me that I’m not just looking at the advertising, but the product and customer touchpoint design as well. Maybe that means I’m on to something…

Please, don’t post your thoughts below (a little reverse-psychology)

photo by Flickr user Danntanna

Rabbits are Awesome!

4 10 2007

Just saw the new Sony Bravia ad, it’s awesome. It’s had so much hype and build up, I can’t believe that it totally delivered. I really enjoyed it, I think you will too. The graphics and music are really fun and work together so well.

Great for Sony, I hope this results in a whole bunch of sales so we can see more ads like this!

Also, here’s the “making of” they did on this commercial – so inspiration for somebody like me (and you too):