OK eBay, You Win!

17 09 2007

So after I thrashed eBay’s windorphins campaign here and then posted some good old eBay campaigns here, I went over to my good buddies at Agency Spy and watched the latest ad for the windorphins campaign.

Alright, its cute. I’m so glad they got rid of those damn annoying little windorphins blobs. And I’m so happy they didn’t go with the “doctors” concept they illustrated on their windorphins website. Instead, they centered on the windorphins concept, which I think is good in abstract and doesn’t need to be the narrow focus of the entire campaign. I think they have a great idea here, displaying what the ‘race’ to win an eBay contest is like in metaphor.

Stay with the ‘cute’ idea eBay. Your service is simple and easy to use. Many people, from kids to stay-at-home moms, use your product. Keep the humor light and the message simple. I really enjoy that.

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