iPod Insanity

5 09 2007


So I was walking home from work the other day, and all of a sudden…the music stopped. I pulled my iPod out, and much to my surprise, it was still powered up. It was just…frozen. I hit it, shook it, everything that normally does the trick. No such luck. I took it home and planned to fix it later.

So I did everything. I plugged it in to my macbook. I plugged it into my roomate’s macbook. Plugged it into the wall. The PC at work (YUCK). Nothing worked, it was officially dead. I hung my head and hoped and prayed Steve Jobs would save me, as he always has.

Well worry no more people! Apple and Steve Jobs released three new iPods today. Just awesome. I’m still not totally buying the iPod touch, and will probably wait for it the way I will wait for the iPhone, but it is gorgeous to look at.

Since I work with a bunch of Blackberry users, it would be great to have something to walk around with that is functional and beautiful too. I could even pretend to be sending email in meetings while I watch episodes of Three Sheets on my iPod.

So I’m waiting till my next paycheck, then I’m getting myself a gorgeous new 80 GB iPod. Why not the 160 GB, you ask? Well who the heck needs that unless you are commuting to the moon?