Skaters Get Beamed Up

6 09 2007

So after seeing this EA ad for Playstation 3 over at AdRants, I decided to check up on my favorite agency, 72 and Sunny. I wanted to watch their DC Ads again, and see what else they were up to. Luckily, I found a YouTube copy of one of the spots 72 and Sunny made for DC Shoes so this time I can include it for everyone who is too lazy to drop on over to the 72 and Sunny site.

What is most important about this spot is, it’s cool to the SKATERS. To the crowd that already owns the product. They aren’t just trying to convince new little converts to beg their parents for a skateboard. That’s part of the goal, sure, but they are also showing their support for skaters as talented athletes. And they made an video that’s purely entertaining on top of it. That’s something that is sorely lacking in a lot of the “extreme” sport (for lack of a better term – can someone make one up please?) advertising. Don’t just try to convert new groms, but give some support and entertainment to the already converted who are out there busting their butts (literally).

Anyway, I’m over on the 72 and Sunny website and I see a link for spots they did for G4 TV. I’m a recent G4 evangelist, I just started watching “Ninja Warrior” a few weeks ago, but now I’m hooked. So I checked out the spots, and they are amazing. Here is one for Star Trek (the original), which G4 is now playing weeknights at 11 pm.

So good! There are others, like a Star Trek Cribs, and some Man Show ads. The animation is absolutely incredible, so fun to watch. And I won’t forget that Star Trek runs 11 pm on G4 either.

72 and Sunny seems to have it exactly right – pull in creatives from all kinds of backgrounds, throw them together, and watch creativity inspire creativity. Don’t be afraid to try something new, and amazing things can happen. Be motivated to let your product drive innovation! Man I’d love to see their offices! Way to go 72 and Sunny, and keep kickin’ ass!


72 and Sunny Does it Again!

3 08 2007

So you all know I think 72 and Sunny totally rock (see 72 and Sunny: Totally Man Crushed for more). But I found (via AdRants, again) a new commercial for Bugaboo that was produced by the 72 and Sunny guys. I couldn’t embed it, but you can watch it here on Bugaboo’s international home page.So this ad is a cross between the ballet and a Daft Punk video. To start out, I really enjoy that it’s men, and not women, who are the heroes in this ad. Just that small change really has an effect on the ad. After all, the cliche of only women using strollers definitely doesn’t help sales at all. Watching this ad really makes me want to purchase the Bugaboo brand stroller – well, when I have a use for one.The ad portrays the benefits of the stroller so clearly while not listing them or even being in your face about them. So great. These 72 and Sunny guys are definitely onto something. I wouldn’t be surprised to be reading about them a lot in the future.

72 and Sunny: Offically Man-Crushed

30 07 2007

During this job search, I have followed up and researched countless advertising and marketing agencies. Some have sites that totally hook you, make you want to work for them, make you feel like they just might be the coolest people on Earth. Well the latest for me is 72 and Sunny. Their website is awesome, with a way cool flash game meeting you on their welcome page.But even better is their content. Five minutes on their site and I found the coolest ads I’ve seen recently, which 72 and Sunny did for DC Shoes Co.. The DC vs. James Lipton ads feature athletes like Bruce Irons, Travis Pastrana, and Danny Way interviewing with ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ host James Lipton.Lipton, as some of you know, was made more famous to our generation by Will Farrell’s awesome impressions (here’s my favorite, where Alec Baldwin plays Charles Nelson Riley). Scrumtrulescent, while it hasn’t come into my vocabulary, has been used by many of my contemporaries (and, I’m sure, by some of yours too).These ads totally rock and now I’m just dying to go to CA and work for these 72 and Sunny guys! I’m way too nervous to submit my app yet, just in case I get shot down, but maybe someday soon.I’ll keep you posted, in the meantime, go check out the 72 and Sunny site.