Today’s 5 Reasons

25 09 2007


I’ve decided to start including more lists in my posts, as Leo Babauta suggested in In Defense of Lists, a post he wrote for North x East, which I read pretty religiously for tips on better blogging.

So I’m going to experiment with list length, design, and so on, but just from brainstorming on the train this morning I have a bunch of ideas for short lists I can write. If you the reader have some lists you want me to write or some input on future design ideas, feel free to email me or leave a comment telling me so.


So without further ado, my first list is a celebration of New York City. I am not a native City person (snob). I miss driving my car, I miss grass, I miss being non-cultured. With that being said, there are a lot of great reasons to start your advertising/marketing career here, in the Big Apple. But I’m only going to give you five, and you can leave more here in your comments.

1. You are in the busiest place on Earth
Welcome to New York! No matter where you are walking, someone very short and very slow will be walking in front of you! But if you strut around with sunglasses on, it makes you feel more important and professional (not that I do that). If you keep your eyes up off the pavement as you walk anywhere, you will likely see at least one thing you will never see anywhere else on planet Earth. Yesterday I almost missed a sixty-something year old man whiz by on a Segway on 5th Avenue. Possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen. Should be the slogan for New York City: “NYC: Keep Your Camera Ready”.

2. Fastest moving location for our industry in the United States
I’m not going to load you with a bunch of data, but basically, New York City has more multi-million dollar advertising accounts per square inch than anywhere else in the world. The biggest accounts have the most work, most files, most client communications. And when you are just trying to get started in advertising, that means lots of entry-level jobs.

3. You never know where you will be when…
This is similar to #1, but with so many things going on around you, you are absolutely guaranteed to find yourself in a unique situation regarding things others may skip over. I very rarely watch the evening news anymore, for several reasons. I use Digg to tell me what news is most important to the most people. Not only that, but Digg starts discussions and presents me all kinds of links relevant to a cultural geek like me.
But the other main reason is because sometimes I’m a part of the news without even knowing it. Yesterday I walked out of the office for lunch and a haircut and ran head-long into the Iran President’s visit situation. I was greeted outside of the office by buses of Jewish children, there to protest his views on the Holocaust. I walked through a group of fifty or so police officers in riot gear. Then I finally sat down in the barber’s chair, and lo and behold my barber was Iranian. He shed more light on the situation in Iran than hours of CNN could. I no longer watch the evening news because purer sources of news are all around me.

4. Incredible night life
From my Jersey City apartment, I have options galore: bars and restaurants in Hoboken five minutes away; bars, clubs, and restaurants in New York forty minutes away; drinking 40s on my couch, a three minute walk to the bodega and back. When you are young, broke, and energy-packed, it pays to have options. Tons of my friends, in all different industries, have come to New York to pursue their passions. I feel incredible lucky to be able to continue to spend time with them after college. I will never look back and say: I wish I lived alone and never went out with my friends.

5. More new friends and business contacts than you can shake a stick at
My office building alone has over a dozen other business tenants. There are literally hundreds of people my age who work in media and marketing in this building. I could be working alongside them for years and not even know it yet. But you never know where your best contacts are going to come from and when you are going to need them, as all the Communications professors would say. Take advantage of the networking opportunities around you, you never know when they will pay off. When you are on the search for that perfect job, it always pays to network.

So that was my first foray into lists! Hope you all enjoyed it, please feel free to leave me feedback. Till next time.