Who is Jeff Vincent?








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24 08 2007

Nice blog, dude! Check out mine:

MADVERTISING – tales from a very strange industry

1 10 2007
Becky Carroll

Jeff, I am right with you on the “brand experiences over advertising”. Thanks for including my blog, Customers Rock!, in your blogroll. You rock!

5 12 2007
Jeff Vincent

i can tell you who the real jeff vincent is but you might not what to hear it!

8 03 2008


12 05 2008

haha i love the commentary on the subway ads, it is so true, and it boggles me when i see these horribly designed ads, I always stare at them wondering WHO the HELL in new york designed them, I think the subway is a good place to get peoples attention and have always wanted to put some social commentary in the ads…have you seen the one for a divorce lawyer with the peoples face stuck to plastic?? it is disgusting. hahaha even FIT (a school where they have a advertising design major) has the WORST ad in the subway…a hand out with a world in it…CLICHE..

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