All in Good Time

17 02 2012

It seems like the energy around college students and the start-up scene has been really building lately. I’ve been talking to a lot of smart, driven young people and it’s really awesome. They go to Boston start-up events, they are starting their own companies, they are contributing to the community in a positive way. I say more power to them.

The only thing I do worry about is the gung-ho ones forcing out those at the fringe. Not everyone (me included) had any clue what they want to do while they are in college. Some people just want to study, party, and hang out with their friends (not necessarily in that order). And the last thing I want to happen is to alienate that group. Because they are smart too, and after a few years in another industry, learning amazing things, they could come back and start the next big company. For some, the 4 years after college are more formative than the time at college. If we make them feel like less-than now, like the only option is to be all-in or you’re out, we potentially lose their contribution.

For those folks who know what they want, and have passion around it, GO CRUSH IT. Learn everything you can, the world is your oyster, etc etc. Don’t despair if others don’t follow – the very fact that you are different makes you awesome. Be inclusive of those among us who spent college undecided. Maybe they don’t know who funded this company, or who runs that company. But in time, they could be changing the world alongside you. Respect their decision, and don’t give up hope for them 🙂




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