Customer Service with Condolences

23 12 2010

My aunt’s dog was put down this past Sunday (note – the photo above is not her).  She was a rescue dog, and my aunt’s only company as my cousin is away at college.  She was devastated to say the least.

Today, she received something that made her entire holiday: a postcard from the Quarryside Animal Hospital, the hospital that put her beloved Michaela down.  The postcard included a message of condolence from the doctor, and a note that a donation had been made in Michaela’s name to a local University’s animal research center.  The note was hand-written and addressed directly to my aunt (used her first name).  It brought tears to her eyes, and was worth much more to her than any gift this Christmas.

She is currently not sure she is ready to get a new dog, but if she does, she will be taking them to Quarryside for their appointments.

**I’ve been doing a lot of research and learning about customer service lately, please excuse the amount of customer engagement posts I’ve got queued up.**




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