Quote of the Day – Tony Hsieh

1 10 2010

“You used the phrase work-life balance, but at Zappos what we strive for is work-life integration. There are so many people out there who are a different person at home on the weekends versus when they are in the office on Mondays. They end up leaving a part of themselves at home, and it should really be the same person. You shouldn’t have to feel like it’s work, so you have to be less happy or not really as alive or yourself. So for someone who is not happy, I would say leave. It is very easy to get trapped in the mindset of I can’t. Anyone can make up a long list of reasons about why not.”

– Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh gives advice on the work-life balance.  Full interview from <a href=”http://bostinnovation.com/2010/09/28/delivering-happiness-bus-tour-exclusive-interview-with-zappos-ceo-tony-hsieh-photos/“>Botinnovation</a>, definitely worth the read.

image courtesy of Inc. Magazine




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22 06 2014
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