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21 09 2010
I’d say my number one activity online has gone from checking Fantasy stats to reading news and articles – a tectonic shift that I had not anticipated.  To see the articles I’m reading (or want to read when I get the time), check out my delicious listing.

Since I spend so much of my time reading, it seems only natural to share the contents of my Google Reader.  I will continue to try and post articles I enjoy or learn a lot from, but for today, I thought I would post just the list of blogs/sources I follow closely.  Please add your favorite content resources in the comments!

(grouped by content type)

A Smart Bear – When you want to learn about startups, the best source is someone who has done it and lived to tell the tale.  Jason Cohen is the model for people like me, and here he provides his thoughts on what made him one of the 10% of successful startups.
Rafael Corrales blog – HBS grad and CEO of Learnboost, a startup I really admire.  He provides advice on maneuvering the world of startups.
Jason Shen’s blog – I only recently met Jason, but I think he and I have a lot in common.  A media-junkie who loves the startup environment.  His stuff is must-read as well.
Onstartups – A site by Dharmesh Shah, founder and CTO of HubSpot, an SEO startup here in Boston.  I’ve watched his Startup Bootcamp talk again and again – his slide design and presentation style is brilliant.
Startup Quotes – A simple and awesome site.  Creative design, addictive quotes.  I love stealing stuff from this site, and it will continue to get better and better.  Always good for inspiration.

GOOD – Most people have probably heard of GOOD.  GOOD is the combination of good scientific thought, disruptive creativity, and engaging writing.  Good for learning, thinking, relaxing.  An excellent site.
Business Week’s Innovation Section – Their regular writers find thought-provoking and challenging topics, and their guest authors bring incredible expertise.  Always at least one great article every week.
Innoblog – Much like BW Innovation section, Innoblog covers case studies of innovation in action.  How was it executed, how did the leader overcome hurdles, advice on pursuing innovation in a constructive way.  This stuff is so important to know.

TechCrunch – No explanation really needed here.  If you want to be up on the universe of technology and business, read this blog.
Engadget – Again, everyone probably already knows this site.  While it can get a little too mobile-heavy at times, there are always some good articles on the tech industry in here (hint: I use gReader’s “List” reading format to skip the cellphone stuff.  Apple, just bring the iPhone to Verizon.
BostInnovation – This site has a little bit of everything that is cool and is going on in the Boston Area.  While I love to read TC and EG, those blogs can be “Valley-centric” (write what you know) and it’s good to be up on what is in my backyard.
Boy Genius Report – Another site that covers the tech industry very well.  Between TechCrunch, Engadget, and BGR, theres no chance I miss a big story.  BGR also has a habit of breaking news first.
All Things D – Their digital daily is a must.  This is experienced journalists and great writers covering the angles of a story.  Also, they tend to be much funnier than the other tech blogs.

Venture Capital and Business
VentureBeat – I think that I’m unique in that I love the concept of working in a startup, yet I do have the classic MBA background that pulls me to the VC world as well.  I think Venture Capital as a concept is the coolest job on the planet – listen to great ideas, help entrepreneurs grow and run a company, and in the end deliver value to your shareholders and the world at large (if you pick the right startups).  In practice, it doesn’t always work that way, but I like to pretend it does.  If you are interested in Venture Capital and the latest news in Startups, no place better than Venture Beat.  Easily the most read blog in my entire Google Reader portfolio.
A VC – The blog of Fred Wilson.  Fred was one of the first people to start following my posts on Tumblr way back in 2006.  Not sure why he did that, but it got me into his stuff and since then I have been permanently hooked.  I really enjoy his verson of “MBA Mondays”, where he covers a concept I should have learned but have probably forgotten.  If you love to learn finance-stuff, but also application and execution, Fred is your guy.  He also loves good music.
Seth Godin – The guy is a god.  Just read it.  How he can continually churn out incredibly insightful blog posts on 400 words or less is just mind-blowing to me.
HBS “The Conversation” blog – Guest posts by HBS grads and professors on the latest topics in business.  Always something great to learn from an expert here.
Signals vs. Noise – The now (in)famous 37 Signals blog.  These guys do things their way, and on their terms.  They make great money doing it.  That is gold for any entrepreneur.
Both Sides of the Table – The Mark Suster blog.  He has an interesting viewpoint, since he has the experience of both startup CEO and VC.  Posts can be a bit long, but always informative.

Learning is Messy – the Brian Cosby blog about his classroom.  After watching a fantastic TEDx Talk Brian gave, I started following his blog posts.  Great stuff.
Infinite Thinking Machine – ITM is a blog dedicated to “helping teachers and students thrive in the 21st century”.  Webinars, interactive projects, new app descriptions, even a TV show.  This blog seeks to connect new educational media to the teachers who need it.
Moving at the Speed of Creativity – the weblog of Wesley Fryer, a digital learning consultant and author.  But what really makes reading his blog fun are his stories.  Always in-depth and involving.

NPR Tiny Desk Concert Series – NPR’s music office invites musicians to come in and play in a cramped corner of their office.  The results can be stunning.
TED Talks Listing – After watching no fewer than 50 (and many of them twice!), I actually feel smarter.  Seriously the best source of expert thinking on the planet.
Alex Bogusky – In my former life as Ad Exec, this guy was considered the leader of the pack.  I enjoy reading his thoughts on the advertising world and more.




One response

22 11 2010
Jason Shen

Hey Jeff, I just stumbled upon this. Thanks! I think you’ve got a great list here and I follow a lot of these sites myself. Thanks for the shoutout and I look forward to following your story! -Jason

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