Thinking Big

3 08 2010

So what’s the cost here?  Scott is currently quoting around $4.4 Million per mile of single-lane road.  That’s a lot for any size government to pony up.  But according to Brusaw, each mile would produce 7600 watt-hours per day, which if pumped back into the grid, would pay itself off in around 20 years (less if he achieves manufacturing scale).  Not a bad proposition for a government looking long-term.

I think my take-away here is about more than solar power (although I think that’s a pretty good idea, and we should get it into testing somewhere immediately) and it’s about the power of thinking super-big.  It isn’t uncommon to hear “any great idea has been thought of before” and that’s all well and good – but no guy (or girl) has ever tried to mass produce highway-worthy solar panels.  Sure, someone who burned their toes on hot asphalt in August may have thought of it, but who was crazy enough to try it?  Scott Brusaw.  That deserves some serious kudos.




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