Readings Of the Week

7 04 2010
Greetings All!

This week’s readings are (again) very brief and education-centered.  I think with all the iPad articles in the tech world, I found very little else of value this week.  But I do think they are excellent and well-written so please enjoy!

The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher – John Taylor Gatto, the New York State Teacher of the Year, 1991 from a 1991 issue of Whole Earth Review

This was an extremely well thought-out, very scary article on being a teacher.  A very different look at many of the traditions that many of us who attended school will recognize and remember well.  This article represents to me two things: first, how important education really is in our upbringing, and how much we have been messing it up. And two, how ripe this setup is for disruption!

Tony Danza Goes Back to School – Kristin A. Graham for LA Times Entertainment
As part of an air-date unknown show called “Teach”, Tony Danza (yes that Danza) has become a sophomore-year teacher in Philadelphia.  Real-life students, real curriculum.  While this isn’t a tell-all type of article (the show hasn’t run yet, so A&E needs to keep some of the mystery) Danza admits early in the article that he has had extreme emotions while experiencing the life of a teacher.  It is a very interesting article about challenging yourself, giving back, and learning (even as you get older).  If “Teach” ever airs, it will most definitely watch.

While I’m not at all interested in becoming a teacher, it is obvious that many of my recent ‘readings’ involve learning and teaching.  I’m trying to immerse myself in the modern teaching environment to understand just what the challenges and opportunities are, and where students really want to learn/have teachers in their lives.  I’m analyzing the area because I think it is perfect for disruption and potential lucrative startups, so a good grip on the situation will be crucial.

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