Still Waiting for the iPad

28 01 2010

What a crazy few weeks it has been.  I haven’t had a minute to catch my breath, let alone sit down.  Except for yesterday.  I have had a big red circle on the 1-3pm hours yesterday for a few weeks now.  I knew there was no way I was going to miss Steve Jobs announcing a new and revolutionary product.  There was just no way.

Well, it’s been almost 36 hours, and I’m still waiting.

Don’t get me wrong, the iPad (as seen above) is a beautiful device.  I want to get one for my Grandmother as soon as they are released.  She will love the intuitive design and lightweight.  And if the screen is as good as it looked in the demos yesterday, she will be able to see pictures again when reading the paper.  But beyond that…Eh?  Color me unsold on it as a “magical” game-changer.  But if there is one thing I won’t do when it comes to Apple, it’s give up.  And we would all be pretty silly to forget who we are talking about – Jobs and his team, including designer Ives and people person Phil Schiller, know exactly what they are doing here.

So why not at the launch event??  Well I’m glad you asked.  Here is what I imagined happened here: the myth of the Apple Tablet had been spreading for a while, but it wasn’t until Oct-late Nov that this device became a near certainty.  And Jobs, being the PR-master he is, knew he was sitting on a ticking clock.  He had to introduce it as fast as he could, before the public grew restless, bought Kindles, or just burned out on “Apple Tablet” stories.

And that’s why below I outline what the iPad will really end up looking like very soon (most likely before we receive it) and also what it WON’T have:

1. It will multitask

Yes my friends, the iPad (and the iPhone) will multitask.  I simply cannot believe that Jobs is that ignorant of how people use his devices.  And I can’t believe Jobs himself doesn’t see the use in listening to music while writing an email, reading a book, or using Brushes.  I believe they are working overtime on making this work while keeping the speed tops and the battery life strong.  I think we will see iPhone OS 4.0 before March, and it will enable multitasking for both the iPhone and the iPad.

2. It will have HDMI and USB out

I am confident these were left out of the original design, but the iPad will have both of these very soon.  USB is, for most, the universal connector for all things Apple.  I hope Jobs and his design team have learned from the Air, and realized if people can’t plug an Apple product into just about anything – it loses enough of it’s functionality to be rendered near useless.  And I also think they learned even beautiful design can’t overcome a high price tag/performance ratio.  They are fighting the price tag on this one, desperate to keep it under $500 (for the basic version) and that is why we don’t see HDMI and USB.  But mark my words – USB is a given here.

3. The media companies will catch on

Like many of my colleagues, I was disappointed in the multimedia presentation yesterday, especially when it came to the newspaper and magazine reader section.  But give the conservative media some time – they are still reeling in this new world we have found ourselves in when it comes to consuming media.  They don’t really understand digital media yet, let alone have a dedicated budget and long-term plan for it.  Give them some time – they will either figure it out or die.

4. It will have 1080p

Yes, the iPad will get to 1080p.  With the prices of the screens dropping like a lead bowling ball, Jobs and Co. are likely waiting to get it to just the right price point.  But if they want to encourage long-term viewing, video, and especially games, 1080p is going to be a must very shortly.

Ok, now a quick look what the iPad may NEVER have:

It WON’T have Flash:

at least any time soon.  I don’t see this feud getting solved any time soon, and it’s really good for no one.  It is the last glaring hole in Apple’s internet experience, it is a slight and an embarrassment to Adobe’s clout, and the real loser is the user.  Like it or not Steve, Flash is everywhere, and your customers deserve it.  Still, it’s been several years and the iPhone is no closer.  Color me for sure that Flash doesn’t come to the iPad.

It WON’T have GPS:

And I don’t even see why anyone is griping about that.  Did you watch the keynote?  Jobs was sitting in a lounge chair, not driving around.  He simply sees no purpose and use for dedicated GPS in the iPad.  That is not what it is for.  Now if you get a 3G version, you can use Assisted GPS to look at local maps with your location inserted.  Other than that, you are just out of luck.  Get an iPhone.

Ok, so you’ve heard my thoughts.  The iPad is still another “hobby” until it gets these features and several more.  What else does the iPad need to be a real evolution in computing??  Leave your thoughts in the comments.




One response

29 01 2010

Why i don’t want a iPad :
iPad is so ugly !
iPad doesn’t support flash !
iPad doesn’t have camera !
iPad doesn’t support multitasking !
iPad have a 4/3 screen…

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