22 12 2009

sorry eBay, I really do like your service.  I hate to blow up your spot like this.  We have had a pretty good relationship over the years.

But I do not understand how it could take several days for me to stop receiving your spam emails.  I mean daily deals in sterling jewelery, really??  C’mon eBay, you are better than this.  This should be automated – and take effect immediately.

If there is something about a service – especially an online service – that can’t be fixed immediately, users are going to start shopping around.  They will find a better designed site, and they will leave you behind.  You have an incredibly sized network – but don’t make users “stuck” with your service.  Continue improving it – make them happy to be there and happy to use it.  At this time I’d like to thank you for your past service eBay…but you are better than this.  Get it fixed.  I don’t want spam and neither does anyone else.

Thanks for your attention to this matter.

sincerely, jv




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