Power of Ketchup

2 12 2009

CALM Ketchup Packet

now THAT is an image (click for larger pic)

created by Publicis Mojo for the CALM: New Zealand Campaign Against Landmines, this is exactly the type of creative – and creative product experience – that makes you sit up and take notice.  This is definitely a risky placement – how many people really want to think about blood while eating ketchup? – but it’s exactly that type of risk that makes it memorable.

Listen everyone knows that these landmines can be absolutely devastating.  Those of us who don’t live in these areas are so lucky to not have to worry about this during our daily business.  But what more powerful and timely message about this subject could we have, then when we are safely chowing on some fries at a local fast food joint?  Here I am worrying about if they remembered to remove the onions from my burger, and this comes and smacks me on the forehead.  It’s disruptive – but in a good way.

first seen over at Eric Barker’s blog, but coverage also at wrongingrights




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