Practice Makes a Perfect 30 Seconds

25 11 2009

Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, posted the latest ad from Toyoya’s Hybrid Synergy Drive. While loyal reader’s will know I’m not a fan of automotive ads, this one is different for a few reasons:

First, there’s no car. Really, no one has designed a car that is different enough to require us seeing it again and again in a commercial (except maybe Tesla).

and Second, this ad took an incredible amount of work and practice. You can see this was all shot in one take, which means hours and hours of coordination, planning, and rehearsal. I doubt that is what’s happening in the “professional driver, closed course” ads.

Finally, this ad is a really good way to show off the hybrid concept. I mean everyone gets what a hybrid means, but it is still fun to see it in a real world application. Really well done, although I hope for their sake they don’t have to shoot a sequel!




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