Behind the Scenes with Cadbury Gorilla

4 11 2007

gorilla team

We have all seen some incredible animatronics in our time. But the most popular lately has no doubt been that gorilla from Cadbury’s. Their spot for Dairy Milk has been an internet phenomenon, helped relaunch Phil Collins to a new generation, and has even (gasp) boosted sales! It seems good creative and a well placed viral ad still works afterall.

Daily Mail, an online paper from the Brits, has written a comprehensive guide on everything Cadbury Gorilla.

The article reports all kinds of fun facts about the gorilla, from the actor behind the mask to the tech that makes it possible. Check out the full article here for more. Thanks to Adfreks for the tip-off.




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17 12 2007
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8 07 2008

Yh, i agree init. gr8 ad… u no, like that one off the telly. I think u mentioned it- it may have been cadburys where a gorilla plays the drums.

8 07 2008

im smelly

8 05 2009

The advert has told me to read along the lines, good work guys.

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