Colbert: the President of Our Generation and Five Suggestions!

17 10 2007

stephen colbert for presidentSo last night, Stephen Colbert apparently announced his official candidacy for the President’s Office in 2008. I didn’t catch it live of course. Who watches live TV anymore anyway? I caught the news this morning on Digg, where countless others of my generation will find out about it.

The fact that Digg, YouTube, and DailyMotion posts have spread the word far quicker than CNN or The New York Times comes as no surprise. That’s what makes Colbert’s announcement so special. His reporting, first on the “Daily Show” and now on his own “The Colbert Report” have always caught the attention of the our YouTube Generation. His content is actually good enough and relevant enough to be repeated, over and over again by viewers online, long after his show has aired. His cutting satire provides us with an outlet to find humor in the mess that is politics today. His ability to laugh at himself (and others) while bringing both top-notch humor and wit has caused his following to grow exponentially over the past few years.

But it is his intelligence and debate skills that would make him a fantastic candidate. We as Americans would no longer be worried there was someone behind the curtain pulling the strings. We would not be concerned with his ulterior motive or that he had been outsmarted by those in his party.


So what 5 things would I suggest to Colbert to attract the young advertisers group to his cause?

1. Start a political blog for your campaign, actually written by you
We believe in blogs. And more than the evening news, Sunday paper, or news websites, we trust what you write in them. So give us the real scoop on what a Presidential candidate’s life is like.

2. Get a campaign team you trust, and let us get to know them too. Then, don’t fire them
Unless we’re Mike Purcell, we have no idea exactly what the campaign team does. But we know it can’t be good if you start fighting with them. So when you choose them, please keep them! Let us get to know the key members too – introduce them in your blog! This provides an even better connection, since some members of your team might be from our generation anyway.

3. Let us know what you stand for, so that we can stand behind you
Tell us in plain terms why we should care about some things, and not about others. You don’t have to sit on the fence. That isn’t what you have been known for your whole career, so why start now? When we don’t vote, it’s because we aren’t interested. But you have made us captivated with the world of politics again. Your show has found a way to speak to us so well we DV-R it and share it with our friends. As the first ‘viral’ President, your values can be shared, and not pushed on us.

4. Get open forums going, and fast
Bill Clinton struck gold when MTV put him on stage in front of millions of twenty somethings and thrust a sax in his hands. This tactic can and will work for Colbert ’08 as well. You can connect to us better than any other candidate. Your face is already on TV constantly, so we recognize you and enjoy hearing you speak. Let us voice our opinions on things with you, and you will gain our support.

5. Keep the show going!
Obviously, it won’t be right for the Colbert Report to continue if you win the Office of the President. But until then, just keep doing what you are doing! You will gain new viewers who are interested in seeing you before they choose who to vote for. Bring even more political figures on to your program and show everyone how you converse with them. The American people are ready for someone who can talk earnestly and openly (with a bit of normal humor!) with the members of the World. We have to regain their respect and support, and I believe your ability to mix humor in with stimulating intellectual conversation is exactly what we need.

I’m in your corner Mr. Colbert, and I know I’m not alone. Check the comments on the myriad of posts related to your Presidency. For the first time in a long time, young people have a candidate to stand with. We’re excited, and when the YouTube Generation is excited, word travels fast.

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17 10 2007
Babs "Genuine"

Great advice.

17 10 2007


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