The Ballet Goes Off the Path

8 10 2007

bike path

So I’m sure you’ve seen the new Renault “Ballet” commercial. If not, here it is on YouTube:

Reader’s of this blog know I love to look at and dissect auto advertising. I have no clue why, I just find it fascinating. There are few other industries where the types of commercials vary so widely in their artistic quality and message. You start with incredible, thought-provoking stuff like the “Go Beyond” spot for Land Rover, to total push-type crap like Billy Fuccillo:

I enjoy him for comedic purposes, and he has definitely blanketed the East Coast with his repetitive and, ahem, inventive spots. Guess it goes to show that if you have enough money, you can get your name out there big-time.

My point is, this Renault ad has really caught a lot of people’s attention lately, and I started thinking – what if all car ads were like this? But specifically, what if everything related to cars went something like this.

My main client is a large, American-based Auto Insurance company. And up till now, they have always played it conservative, with direct mail, basic online presence, and fairly common-style television spots. But I’d love to see them take a bit of their budget and move it towards something off the beaten path, something totally different and eye-catching.

Looking at Auto Insurance, it’s hard to show the product working. But how about a new look at car damage, the way the ballet ad did here for Renault. How can the interaction between the car owner and their insurance company become a dance, not a cold or troublesome experience? It occurs to me that I’m not just looking at the advertising, but the product and customer touchpoint design as well. Maybe that means I’m on to something…

Please, don’t post your thoughts below (a little reverse-psychology)

photo by Flickr user Danntanna




One response

12 10 2007

1) you need to post soon. i’m going through with drawls
2) on the scary basement; WHAT IS THE TRUMPET GIRL?!?!
3) you need to help me find a good podcast:)

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