Better Be Nice to Your Dog

17 09 2007

Saw this over at Cool Loking Ads, also known as the Official Cannes Lions blog.  (And by the way, that is no typo – the site is actually spelled ‘loking’.  I don’t get it, but who am I to judge?)


I think this is a cool, original way of looking at the man-dog relationship. Instead of actually showing the dog relaxing in their favorite spot, the image shows the aftermath, with the human owner uncomfortably situated on the floor.

These ads came not just from extensive numbers research, but also from consumer insights. These insights create an instant emotional connection with dog owners, who are their target. It definitely brought a knowing smile to my face, as I thought about moving Marisa’s golden from his favorite spot.

The art is good too, with the lighting and design separating these ads from traditional dog food fare. Taking the dog out of the ad made it that much more eye-catching and appealing.

My only question is: is the dog food really called Crack Active? Sounds pretty scary.




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