Sorry eBay!

12 09 2007

So as a dedicated eBay user, I feel really bad that I ripped their windorphins campaign a new one. But come on it really is annoying and terrible.

They have done better, and I have no doubt they will in the future.

To recognize some of their past work, I dedicate this post to eBay and their marketing work. I’m still trying to find some of the “it” commercials from this past year, but here are a few I grabbed quick.

I feel like these show the eBay benefit really well, are cute, and are sometimes hilarious. They really create a personality for the eBay brand and I am happy when I catch them on TV.

I also really enjoy the “it” campaign, so I will be looking for that throughout the day today. Sorry about the windorphins campaign, but I hope it dies a quick and painless death.




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