The Wonder of Ads Shines Through

5 09 2007

Today was a rough day. In my “super creative” day job, I spent most of the day sorting through various job bags and learning a lot about the business side of the industry. I know this is stuff I have to learn, and I’m happy to learn it, but I’m also glad when it’s over. Sometimes I just get so compelled to create, to surround myself with my creative, with other’s creative outputs. It can be very confining. We are given a pair of speakers on our desk. I long to walk down the corridors and hear music softly weaving out of offices. It makes me feel like people are alive in there.

Know what the worst part is? I can’t use a Mac. That’s right. And I won’t keep it a secret – that really sucks! I feel like my productivity bombs and my organization sucks without my mac. You Windows users…figure it out, will you? It just boggles my mind that everyone doesn’t use every Apple Computers product they can. It enhances my life…and that is an unreal statement about a brand. Everyone should be so lucky.

When I get really down, I do a few things. First, I go for a walk. I pick up my jacket and leave the office for a while. Today I walked down to Trump Financial Tower. I really ought to get a small camera to take on my walks. That and a sketch pad are next.

The second thing I do is read. I start at a blog I know, like Shedwa, and I just let the blogroll take me where it will. Before I know it, I have twenty windows open and lists and lists of links to look at when I get home. I have started a Tumblr Blog that I hope will hold them all in the future.

Today, I was truly lucky. The ad gods were smiling on me. I got a hold of some awesome ads today that really brightened everything up. Maybe people are wrong. Maybe TiVo won’t be the end of the television spot. It will be the cleanser, the cleaning lady who will sweep away the bad ads. Survival of the Fittest will be applied, and only the smartest ads will survive.

So please, join me wherever you are in enjoying these ads. They were my inspiration on a dreary day.

more coverage over at beyond madison avenue.

beautiful ad, brings out such real emotion – and the music is great! Tells a great story with real characters. Man it’s a great time to be a runner right now.

Again, the music, the emotional tone, the storyline narrative…these are what gorgeous ads are made of. They transcend the television spot and bring us ‘brand awareness’. We more fully understand the brand, and are moved closer to brand loyalty. Now if VW could just stop their cars from breaking down…

I have so much more to write…but the eyelids are getting weary. I hope everyone is well and you find that dream job tomorrow.




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