Workin Hard

3 09 2007




Man my head!  happy labor day everybody! I was up to the wee hours sharing this great time with my friends at the beach, talking about life and work.  I can see the work I’m doing is preparing me to share my skills, run my own business, help my friends market themselves and their great products to the world.My job is a great opportunity to be a ‘sponge’, soaking up knowledge, learning on my toes, sometimes flying by the seat of my pants. It’s great to say I learn many many things every day.

There is a Seth Godin post today that is really inspiring. He talks about the difference between working “hard” versus taking the easy way out. I think you guys would really enjoy it (and you can find it here).

I like to think that when I am awake, I am working. Because even though I work for a huge agency, I also still work for myself. Developing my skills, learning new things, communicating with people, (writing this blog!) – I consider these to be part of my daily “work”. And yeah, I would love to get paid for that specifically, but I’m still happy to do it regardless.

So enjoy your labor day, everybody, because tomorrow it’s back to the ‘grind’. But if you love what you do, it’s so worth it. And for those of you without a job, best of luck in that search! Oh and go Yanks!




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