Gorilla + Phil Collins = Amazing

31 08 2007

Don’t click away! This isn’t a post about Tarzan. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk has gone one crazier than anything ever before it. Crazier than the Burger King ‘King’, even (CP+B, you better get on that) to create an ad that has nothing to do with milk but it so awesome anyway.

I can’t tell for sure, but being that the gorilla is all over their new stuff, he is going to become the mascot for Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, which I’m told is very popular chocolates. You Brits are crazy.

You can read more about it at AdFreak today. But without further ado, point your mouse here or click to gorilla, and enjoy.


By the way, go Cadbury and Fallon for making this hilarious ad!

UPDATE: I am so stoked to announce that I got a hold of the YouTube copy so we can watch the ad right here

thanks to Scary Ideas.




4 responses

1 09 2007

Great. I love it. It’s perfect. Well done Cadbury’s and everyone involved.

23 09 2007
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4 11 2007
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13 11 2007
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