Spirit Airlines Amps Up the Idiocy

30 08 2007

baldanzasmall.jpgSo who has heard of Spirit Airlines? Yeah, me neither. But I can tell you, their CEO doesn’t give a damn about you, that’s for sure. Their CEO, Ben B, wrote, and I am quoting, “Screw these people,” when talking about two of his dissatisfied customers.

I mean this is hilarious, you can’t make it up! But it’s already been covered well over at Agency Spy so I won’t go in to too much detail. But if you are a small airline trying to grow, hating your customers is not a good start.

OK, on to some good ads. These new Mountain Dew: Amp Energy Drink are awesome. Love the animation, and the story these ads tells goes along with the Amp brand story.

Will this campaign get me to stop guzzling Red Bull? No, I love the Red Bull taste, I love the product. But Amp is definitely in my top-of-mind brands group. If Red Bull wasn’t around, the Amp drink works for me. If you don’t already have a energy drink of choice, go out and try some Amp Energy drink. Look at that I’m a brand evangelist, and I don’t even drink the stuff.

Mountain Dew Ads from both Ads of the World and Scary Ideas.





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28 03 2008
Stratumseind Cafe de Stunt

Patently- O has links to other coverage, and the clearest description of the events at issue in the Ward v. Frenkel lawsuit, which involves the filing date of the ESN v. Cisco lawsuit. ( link ) If this is defamation… I don’t even know where to begin. Ward files patent infringement lawsuits one minute after the stroke of midnight, and then sues when people think he filed a day too early? Obviously, this could have been cleared up without a lawsuit, but Ward Jr. hasn’t been too communicative (he’s never…

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