Treat the Earth Like a Buddy

28 08 2007

As covered on Scary Ideas a few days ago, MTV has put out some sweet PSA’s. They urge our young demographic to reduce carbon emissions so that we can slow global warming. How do I know they are aimed at the younger target? The content of course!

The “Brad and Earth” series is actually funny, and shows in a simple way how we are treating the Earth. Big ups to Lowe Partners for creating these shorts. I mean really, its so great to see something aimed at the 18-25 year old demo that is actually funny and relevant. It’s so rare to see that combination of both, but it’s so necessary to make the ad stick and actually influence purchase decisions or increase loyalty. Of course a PSA wants to influence behavior and not purchase decisions, but an emotional connection is definitely required for both.

This ad for the Dairy Queen Blizzard is hilarious, but can hardly be considered relevant. So while I might laugh at it every time I see it, it really gets no message across. Hence the reason why other ads from this campaign have no connection to one another. Here is another example. This ad I don’t really like.  I feel like it’s just going over the top for the sake of it.  I get it, it’s a hot sandwich.

When the skeptical young person watches an ad, they know they are being sold to. And nothing makes us feel more sold to than an ad that is “lame funny”. You know, that funny that isn’t creative, or is an old joke, or is what old people think young people think is funny.  There are tons of examples out there, and the ads just don’t stick.

If you are going to have an ad aimed at young people, give the young people at your ad agency a chance to give you an honest opinion on it.  Chances are, if they don’t like it, your audience won’t either, regardless of what the client thinks.




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