The Right Music Can Make All the Difference

27 08 2007

Just a short post tonight, it’s been a long (and great) weekend. Hope everyone got to enjoy the weather around NYC today.

Picked up this ad from Scary Ideas. It’s a pretty fun ad, although the hunter dumping the deer out of the truck seemed pretty violent to me!

The effect of music on your emotions is undeniable. When you want your advertisement to connect emotionally, the music has to help make the connection. What a great job, choosing the music to help bring your message across and bring it to life. I know I pick on those VW ads with Wilco, but the music does a great job of communicating emotion.

Here is the latest one I’ve seen, and while I like it, I also hope Wilco got a lot of money for it.

Watching that ad, the music makes this instant emotional connection. And as Dan Hill said in his latest Ad Age article, “CMOs Win Big by Letting Emotions Drive Advertising”, “A strong, ultimately positive emotional connection is required to jump over the fear of being sold to, which is rampant in today’s highly skeptical marketplace.” That point is totally spot-on. What better way to build that emotional connection than to set the mood for the ad with music. The right music can make all the difference.

There are so many ads made famous by their music. From Coca-Cola’s “Hilltop” commercial to VW’s “Pink Moon” ad, it’s become an industry in it’s own. Let me know what your favorites are. Are there any ads for you that have been totally ruined by the music? I’ll be searching all day tomorrow.




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