I Need to Learn to Parallel Park

24 08 2007

This one is for you, David. The A4 is featured in Audi’s latest commercial, which pokes fun at all the new technology for assisted parking. I gotta be honest, I think a car that can park itself is cool. But for true driving enthusiasts, I’m sure it’s like having training wheels.

I love the design of this ad. The understated audio track (just nature and car tires). I’m tired of all the “zoom zoom” type music in the ads. And don’t even get me started on the VW ads with Wilco in them. I love Wilco, and I don’t mind the ads, but why did Wilco have to sell to an auto commercial?

The copy over black screen is simple, and the dubbed track is to the point, poetic, and a good call-to-action. I really enjoyed this ad. Watch out for my boy Ron Fellow this weekend in Bristol, Tennessee.

I’ve got so many more ads and articles I want to talk about, this has been a crazy week. I promise I’ll get to them as soon as I can.




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29 09 2007

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