The Canadian Commercial I Wish The U.S. Made

22 08 2007


Subaru isn’t exactly known for their creativity in commercials. Heck, their spokesman used to be Crocodile Dundee! They are, however, known for their cars. So a creative campaign (via Ads of the World) that plays up their cars (their product) and takes on the “German engineering” crew together, is perfect.

Subaru has created a microsite for the campaign, which I guess is called “The Japanese Car the Germans Wish They Had Made,” and I think the video is really great. The use of German with huge subtitles makes the humor apparent, and the call to action is also easy-to-use, with the video on the same page as links to dealer listings and the Subaru Canada website.

And the interactivity at certain intervals is awesome! Let’s you access info like brochures, pictures, and other content that supports the story the ad campaign weaves. And of course, it gives you all the car information you could want if you wanted to buy a Subaru Impreza. Below is some of the print, which is really simple but all supports the campaign so well.





There is unfortunately on part of the campaign I don’t get. A Facebook page? Is that really necessary? And once you follow the link to Gunter Schroder’s page, there is no way to access it and he currently has no friends. Now I know I haven’t seen the campaign running yet, so maybe the page is still being set up, but is a Facebook page really going to help boost this campaign at all? To me, the Facebook as a commercial outlet train has already left the station. But that’s just me. Back to the stuff I love. Check out the :30 spot, it really looks like Scott Hamula is driving the car. Unfortunately again I can’t find a copy to embed here, but Ads of the World saves the day, and you can view the spot here.

To leave you this morning, here’s some goodness from Subaru in the years gone by, somewhere around 2000.

Cheers, have a great morning and good luck with that job search!




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