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22 08 2007

So I was looking over at I Have An Idea today for some great ideas. I have always been driven to become more creative, to create ideas, to surround myself not just with creative propaganda but also creative people. I Have An Idea is a great place to do that, even if they are based in Canada.


So I started reading a bit about Alek von Felkerzam. Alek is a young creative like myself who (as far as I can tell) does not have a job. Sounds like we should hang out huh? Alek is trying to break in after spending time at a portfolio school, although I don’t know which one or anything. He has a pretty good portfolio and is looking to become an Art Director. I’ve taken a slightly different approach, getting into the agency at the bottom and in the Account Services department. To me, I will learn so much about how the agency is run, and how project management works, which will give me great experience for the future. But anyway…

Alek has done this great thing with his project called “The Alek Journals”. Alek performs what is aptly termed “invasions” of many large agencies. Basically, this guy has the balls to walk right into an agency before opening, and drop off his super-creative “application”. Basically he gives the creative director something to catch their eye, and a “call to action” to get them to contact him and hopefully hire him! Like I said, this guy has balls!

So why am I writing about this? A few reasons. First, I want to give this guy some buzz. Getting his name out there on the blogosphere (love that word) will definitely help. He went to all this trouble, and he deserves some credit for it. I’m actually pretty sure he probably has a job by now, but if not, here’s my two cents.

Second, I like this guy. He seems very sure of himself, sometimes even to a fault (he delivers flowers to female CDs as part of his invasions). But taking that type of risk is what it takes. I would really like to have this guy on my team if I had the chance. He has the passion, the drive, the desire to advertise and sell. Right now, he has no clients, so he sells himself. And that is how great creatives in this industry work: they never stop advertising.

Finally, maybe I’m writing about it because I want what Alek has. I have that drive and passion, but his creative ideas seem never ending, and his desire for excellence is very inspiring. I was reading an interview with David Lubars recently on I Have An Idea and one thing he said really came to mind while I was reading about Alek. Lubars said on his success, “I surrounded myself with A-plus creatives and used what I knew to help them achieve greatness.”

So even if I can’t hire Alek, or even get him some great contacts, I will do exactly what I can to help him achieve his goal. And today, that is writing an entire post dedicated to his project.

Best of luck with your book Alek, and perhaps see you out there.




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1 09 2007


All I gotta say is… WOW!!! I’m totally flattered mate. I had no idea my actions left such an impression on people in this highly-competitive industry; I guess take it for what it’s worth. This was definitely a big learning experience and an eye-opener for me. But doing what I did with Ignacio of, and exposing myself online like that, made me a better art director and especially a stronger person to be able to fight the odds and follow my passion for doing great work in advertising… and that is the most rewarding to me. But it came with risk I was willing to take because I knew that’s what I wanted to succeed in.

FYI – I did land a good job afterwards (a few actually, since then, anyway).
I worked with some great mentors along the way that pushed my skills to new levels in this crazy biz.

I wish you, Jeff, all the best in your future achievements! It sounds like you’re quite a driven individual yourself… so keep at it! Keep us in the loop.


3 09 2007

Yeah, Alek is a great guy. Talented with many great ideas. I really love him…his energy and his style! Once we decided to have a small contest for a best photo (most download, and guess who won – Alek of course,:))

Good luck with your work Jeff!

4 09 2007

Alek is a great guy. I went to that “portfolio school” together. I was a couple years ahead of him in the program. He was very dedicated to his work then and it shows today. Knowing Alek how I do, I am very excited for him and his accomplishments!

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