The Blog Update Edition

20 08 2007

So, in my ongoing project of creating a blog worthy of reading, I will be leaving LiveJournal and moving my blog to WordPress. A lot of my favorite blogs are hosted there, including Scary Ideas, Customers Rock!, and Agency Spy.

I am slowly in the process of buying my own domain name, etc. with the hope of establishing myself as a blog writer. I got into this to express my feelings on the ad industry and working in the ad industry, and I want to continue to share that with everyone. I hope to have the new site up and running in a few days, but I will continue to post on here until then. Really sorry for any inconvenience, but thanks for all the great comments and visiting me here at LiveJournal.

By the way, the way LiveJournal comment sections are set up, I don’t know the email address of anyone who leaves me a comment. But I would really like to thank you all personally. You have given me the motivation to keep writing, and it really is a rush to wake up in the morning to all your creative inputs.

Best of luck to everyone in the job hunt, and see you all soon.




2 responses

5 12 2007

hey.. why this page loading so slow?

6 12 2007

@ iresstetMok – sorry, I dont run the bandwith here, sorry. Maybe you will have a quicker loading time later! Best of luck, hope you enjoyed the site.

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