Tuesday Morning Links Edition

14 08 2007


Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posting yesterday. I’ve been really busy moving the rest of my life into Jersey City. Now I have a nice little office, and a bed (read: mattress on the floor). But now I can finally sort everything out and get back to work! I’ve got an interview today, which is really exciting. I’ll let everyone know what it was like later, I definitely want to describe the experience.

But I started this post to tell you about some great design links I have come across in the last few days. I’m in the process of revamping not only this blog, but starting design for Big Words Ad Agency too. So I have been looking at all kinds of inspirational designs to help me choose which direction to take. So I’ll post a few links so everyone can see what I’m working with here. I found almost all these through Smashing Magazine’s ‘Best of July 2007’.

First, an awesome gallery of ‘inspirational design’. Faveup hopes to get everyone’s creative juices flowing by showing off great designs in logos, business cards, flash, and css websites. You can vote for your favorites, which move up the ranks as more people rate them.

Next, a digg style community for designers called Design Float. This provides constantly updated links and tons of discussion on designs, from furniture to CSS. Really cool set up, neat stuff.

I’ve gotten really into portfolios. Creative people are constantly creating great design, from their actual work to the way they show their work off to the world. Fully Illustrated is the portfolio of Michael Heald, the Head Creative at Lightmaker. This site has won loads of awards, and it’s easy to see why. He has made a beautiful site that is easy to navigate and reflects his personality very well. Fully Illustrated is what I aspire to be…someday!

One more portfolio I would love to give credit to is Onetwentysix. These guys do design, photography, typography, and illustration. But more importantly, they put it all together so well. Their home page is so clear, I love the minimalist design. Check out the project their are putting together for Alejandro Ingelmo. Just beautiful stuff!

Finally, the coolest seven minute video I have ever seen. This photoshop work is better than Tim’s! (no slight meant there Tim, your Illustrator work is still the best Contour can buy). No more commentary from me, just watch. Courtesy of Inspiration Bit.

There is also one of John Locke, from one of my favorite series, Lost.

So that made me feel much better about my day, I’m glad I got to put some stuff down on paper today. I’m off to my interview, then I’ll be around NYC before coming back to do a bit more work today. Cheers everyone, hope you find that job today!




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