The Dreaded Interview! Edition

14 08 2007

So, as promised, I want to tell you all about my experience today. I interviewed at a large agency here in New York. As many of you know, I am in love with small agencies. I still hope someday to work at one, and of course run my own (someday). But after speaking with two Account Supervisors today, I am excited to work for a large one as well (for a bit).

I arrived at the office very, very early. I left my apartment two hours before my interview, and the commute at worst is 35 minutes. So I decided to forgo my second train and walk the 20 or so blocks from 34th street to the interview. And man was it hot out today. I finally got to the office block, still forty minutes early, and sweating like crazy.

I picked up a water and sat around in the shade for a while. It’s really fun to just sit back and watch people run around the streets here. The guy shouting into his bluetooth, or the girls chatting on their cellphones while walking their toy dogs. For a little while, I relaxed near the fountain and got to enjoy the day. Then, I picked up my things and headed to the interview, still twenty minutes early.

The security in the building was pretty tight, so I had to announce myself once from the front desk, and once fr

om the receptionist desk. But the Account Sup came right out, and introduced himself. He was friendly, and easy going. I started to feel great about the interview right then.

000181wr.jpgWe talked about all kinds of things: my resume, my responsibilities if I get the job, Top Chef. He was a big Dave Martin fan (from the first season). He talked a lot, which was good. I answered questions about my resume and tried to point out why I put different experiences on there.

He then passed me off to another Account Sup. She was very friendly, young, and bubbly. She seemed very enthusiastic, organized, and happy. I think I would work really well under this kind of leadership, and I think that is important when you are looking for a job.

So the long and short of it was, the interview was very informal. I wanted to give everyone a better idea of what it was like to interview, but the one thing I can say is, drink lots of water! I sweated so much on the way over my throat felt dry in the office. I think I’m going to have to dry clean my suit again if I get to the second round of interviews (I didn’t bring any other suits here with me). And yes, I was the most dressed up guy in the office and I got a lot of “you must be here for an interview” looks. But a wise man once said to always wear a suit because you don’t have the job yet – once you get the job I can dress how everyone else does. Unless you are Staub, then you have to wear suits everyday for the rest of your life.

My only issue with this office was how uncreative it seemed compared to some. I like to check out This Ain’t No Disco every now and then for updates. TAND is a blog dedicated to the inside of creative design offices. They include advertising, design, media, digital, and tech offices. And some of them are REALLY cool. Some of my favorites are Digital Eskimo, Naked, and Clearleft Ltd.

Check out the websites of these agencies. {Digital Eskimo, Naked, Clearleft Ltd} Some of them reflect the atmosphere of their offices, some do not. I think this relates well to an article I read lately, Human to Human Design by Sharon Lee. If the content of the website doesn’t richly reflect the culture of the firm, then it doesn’t tell a story or engage the audience right. Apple Computer does this so well. By the way, I really liked Naked’s website!

Anyway, I’m not saying you need a wall-sized mural (although that is awesome!) But some creative ‘stuff’ is always so good to look at and so inspiring! But I’m not judging a book by it’s cover here. I want to learn how the industry works, and this position would be a great place to do just that. So I’m excited, large agency and all.

I’ll have my fingers crossed, for me and for all of you out there looking for jobs. Good luck, chin up, and happy interviewing!




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