'Mad Men' Taps Ad Legends

10 08 2007


So thanks to Agency Spy, I found this great ‘promos’ for AMC’s new series, Mad Men. Mad Men, as far as I can tell, is about the advertising industry in the 1960s. Very cool. Haven’t seen an episode yet, but I will try to catch one in the next few days.Meanwhile, AMC interviewed 11 (well it was probably more, but these are the ones they kept) ‘Ad Legends’ and posted clips and brief bios of the Legends on their media site.These clips are amazing. Ad execs like George Lois, who have been in the business for 56 years, and are still so passionate about the industry. They still believe in the power of advertising, and that is motivating to someone like me.So check out these clips from AMC. They were great motivation for me, provide incredible insight into the business, and are pretty funny too. Some blazingly powerful quotes that stuck with me from watching these clips:Joy Golden: “the hanky panky definitely went around behind closed doors”George Lois: “advertising is poisonous gas, it should put you on your ass”Bob Jeffrey: “now we have the opportunity to be creative pioneers again”Charlie Hughes: “brilliant advertising strikes at the heart of the human condition”Dr. Lois Geraci Ernst: “great advertising will get an emotional response from the viewer. It must be based on truth, and it must make you feel something:Jerry Della Femina: “advertising – its the most fun you can have with your clothes on”Toni Pagano: “it was like being chosen for the Yankees” – I especially like that one!Martin Puris: “advertising is a paradise for brilliant misfits”Eric Michelson: “they called me an art director, but I was the minister of propaganda”Very cool stuff. Thanks Agency Spy, and thanks AMC.




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