Last Weeks Ads Wrap-Up

10 08 2007

So I’ve been missing for about a week. That means a week behind on the ad industry – and that means a lot! A lot of new ads, a lot of moved accounts, all kinds of crazy stuff happening in only a few days. Well, I’ll leave the account stuff to the pros for now. But I will talk about all kinds of ads I’ve been saving in my Safari bookmarks over the last few days.Let’s kick off the wrap-up with one campaign I absolutely love already. Just saw these today over at scaryideas. They are for Toys R Us and show a huge step for that struggling toy giant.These ads remind me of the eX Alek DVD Video Club ads I covered a few days ago. These are timeless images that everyone can enjoy, and get the message across simply and beautifully. These ads are well designed, with such a simple text and images. They are memorable, and incorporate the Toys R Us product and values so well without screaming them in your face. Making the selling line understated (small) is a great touch. There really isn’t a need for a gigantic headline when your message is clear from the image.Here is a fun little ad for Eurostar. I think it’s a perfect reminder ad and promotes a fun chuckle from it’s viewers.I didn’t honestly know what Eurostar was before I saw this ad, but I looked it up. It is a ticket booking agency that services the US and most of Eastern Europe. You can’t really tell what the product is by the ad, but you really don’t need to. The ad is meant to bring a smile and some good humor to everyone who views it. Then those who are also interested in the product are (hopefully) motivated to utilize the service. The image is, again, simple, but original and reminds everyone the world over of London. I still smile every time I look at it. Props to Neatorama and Accordion Guy for this one.This is the follow up ad to “66 Years and Still Having Fun” ad for Jeep I covered here. It’s called “Fun on Wheels”, and you can see it here, courtesy of YouTube.At first, I thought this campaign was over simplifying the Jeep. But after seeing this TV spot, I love the idea. The “Have Fun Out There Campaign” is separating Jeep from their competitors in a brilliant way. It is building loyalty without needing a special benefit or anything. Man I should write a separate post just for this campaign – I mean what a great idea! Just by encouraging their customers to do what they want to do using the Jeep, they have done some great stuff.First, they have turned their campaign from the benefits- or price-driven campaigns of their counterparts into a consumer-centered one. They actually listened to what they consumer love about their product, and then created a campaign around it! Fantastic!Did they ostracize some bookworms in the process, being that all the images in the ad and on the outdoor are pretty active? Man I hope not. These little Jeep “characters” (and you know how much I love characters) are cute and perfect for outdoorsy and indoorsy (is that a word?) people alike. The outdoor image is from Everything’s Better With Brentter and was taken by my boy Shedwa. (Hope he thinks it’s ok I refer to him like that)To wrap it up, this campaign is fun and different and I could write all day about it. But I’m just going to enjoy it and keep scouring to find more images from it. I know I have seen some, but now I have to go find them all over again so I can bring them to you. The campaign, by the way, is done by Cutwater. Really good stuff.Finally, some ads I’m scared to say I don’t like. I applied to Grey Worldwide recently, and I would hope criticizing some ads they put out wouldn’t hurt my chances at a position! But here goes: these Febreze ads are boring! Grey these are boring! This was a good idea for one or two executions, but now they have gotten repetitive and cliche (see the ads below for cliche). I can’t find the good executions, but I hope they are out there. Watch the two that irked me the most below. Ads courtesy of Ads of the World.Booooring! Not going to write much else but that these need a revamp! Grey get on it quick! Febreze can be a fun product with all kinds of creative interpretations! But a dad needing to smell the floor is creepy and weird. And two kids on a date, smelling the couch? Good idea for the image, but it’s not believable.So I have, as usual, written more than enough. I have a few more ads, but I’ll save them for tomorrow and call it ‘spill over’. After all, I want people to actually read this! So I’ll break it up into easier to read pieces. Consider tomorrow’s post “Last Weeks Ads Wrap-Up, Part II”.Did you agree, disagree, or have more to say on anything I covered here? email me or comment on this and every post. Let me know what you are thinking!Well, see you all tomorrow. Good night and happy job hunting.Jeep TV spot courtesy of Ads of the World




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