This Past Week

9 08 2007

So it’s been days and days since my last post. And I’m happy to announce that I’ve been busy and doing things!First, I got to spend four days basking in the sun on Delware’s Dewey Beach (map). Great time with friends, and a few great entrepreneurial talks from the lifeguard chair with Rob. Got me so stocked for BW. That’s a great place to talk and think business, a lifeguard chair looking out across the water.I’ve spent the last few days with Marisa before she leaves for Barbados! She is pumped and I am too, she deserves a break.But anyway, back to business! While I was with Marisa I got an email from an IC alum about a job opening. The job is with a well-known and large agency in New York. Is it my dream job? No. But at this point I am excited to learn and work hard and get paid. But really I am pumped for the interview, which hopefully will be at the beginning of next week. I know I’m not a lock for the job, but all I can do is try my best, right?So that got me to thinking, what’s to come of this space if I actually get a job?Well, I spent some time thinking about it, and I’m happy to announce I’m staying on the air, no matter what. First, this job is not going to be my last job in the business. I’m not exactly above anyone (or would I want to be) and so if the agency loses an account, I’m probably out of a job. Then I’d be back to where I am now, excited for my next job opportunity.Second, this space is not just about me getting a job. After all, while some people might be slightly excited in reading about that, it’s really not captivating stuff. No, this blog is, by my aim, about how I went about getting a job, what I hear about different agencies, what working in this crazy industry is like, and also my comments on advertisements and the industry in general. It’s where I’m throwing my thoughts out there, and it’s where all of you get to support/trash me. It’s fun and it’s nerve-wracking all at the same time. And I don’t want to stop it!Finally, my blog is always going to be where I build my Big Words Agency following. What is Big Words? Well, you’ll have to ask Bridget or wait until we are ready to unveil it. But it’s my life’s work and my dream and everything I work for. And someday I will be able to announce it from this exact page.So to recap, I, the kid who rights a blog entitled “How to Not Get a Job in Advertising,” might actually have a job in the next few days. But that doesn’t change how I feel. In fact, it will give me all kinds of new insights and exciting things to talk about. Can’t wait to tell you all how it goes. Wish me luck!Hope you had a great time while I was gone, my next post is all the ads I’ve accumulated while I was out of the office.image courtesy of




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