Good Jeep, Bad Sprite

4 08 2007

Haven’t commented on many ads lately. So I’ll stop rambling (see previous post) and talk about some ads I’ve seen while floating around lately.First, a campaign for Denver Water by Sukle Advertising and Design (a really neat site, by the way). I really enjoy the whole concept. Check out the billboard and bench outdoor design below. Think about walking past that bench in a park – the message sticks with you, and it’s different enough that you might mention it to your friends.Next up is a really well edited spot for Jeep. I think its a good break from the ‘extreme terrain’ run of sport-vehicle ads. It’s nostalgic and humorous at the same time, which I think is a great mix. It was produced by Cutwater, a relatively new agency. I think it’s the perfect way to start out. The tag is “Have Fun Out There” which embodies not only the Jeep brand, but their loyal customers. Great job.Now, an ad I really don’t enjoy. This ad for Sprite Zero just has no message. Well, besides the tagline “friends they come and they go.” Which I don’t really get. It’s like a bad bloopers video and I don’t get what it says about the product or how it will sell more soft drinks.Well those are the ads for today. I’m going to sign off by stealing the line from Jeep – enjoy yourself wherever you are and “have fun out there.” See you next post.denver water ads via AdGoodnessJeep ad via Everything’s Better With BrentterSprite ad via i believe in advertising




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