Advertising to do Something Great

4 08 2007

I’ve borrowed a book from Dave to read while I’m here at the beach. It’s called “The Radical Leap” by Steve Farber. It’s a great read, and it’s a leadership book that makes fun of buzzwords, which is refreshing.Farber talks about why people lead and who is made to be a great leader. In every office, in every agency, there has to be a leader. Someone who will stick their neck out for something innovative, something new. Sometimes, they will fall flat on their face. They will fail miserably in front of everyone.But the fear of doing nothing, of making no impact whatsoever, will drive them. Farber says it is love of what they do that drives them.When a leader succeeds in advertising, it can be truly great to watch. And that is the effect of good advertising, be it print, TV, outdoor, whatever. It is fantastic to watch an image that really communicates a thousand words. That communicates a number of emotions, or even just one emotion, perfectly. That tells a story about the brand. It brings to life the passion and love an organization has for their product, service, or customers.A leader in advertising cares about what he or she does, and the effect they can have. So much advertising today seems to be sleep walking. Uninspired. But when someone cares, their ads truly captivate attention. The message they communicate is powerful, and they have succeeded. They have created memorable advertising.Well, that’s the effect Farber’s book has had on me. If you are looking for a quick, inspiring read, pick up a copy. See what effect it has on you.




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