Deutsch Got Something Very Right

3 08 2007

Taking a bit of time to relax before I head to the beach today. I checked up on AdRants and was totally pumped by this Westin Hotels work. I’ve included a few images here, but you can check out the full work here. These were done by Deutsch.These custom wraps include an Iceland wrap, a Rainforest wrap, and an Underwater Shuttle wrap.So why do I like these so much? Are custom transportation wraps original in any way? No, not really. But these will make the commute fun, and interesting for NYC workers, and that is the best side effect to have.Are all of the people who travel on these shuttles potential Westin customers? No, and in fact the number is probably less than a quarter of them. But I’ll bet almost all of them had a memorable experience riding in the custom shuttle, and will tell their friends about it. As you can see, the walls don’t have to be covered in Westin logos, or information on Westin hotels, just to get their point across. According to Westin, these wraps coincide with their, “ongoing concept of personal renewal,” and will leave, “weary travelers feeling renewed and invigorated.”Well I don’t know about invigorated, but it will be a break in the monotony of the commute for thousands of workers and travelers. They will leave the shuttle with a smile, and in advertising that is one of the best lasting impressions you can have. Now if only every advertising campaign that created “interruption” ads could come up with something this good.Check out AdRants for more, and good job, Deutsch.




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