72 and Sunny Does it Again!

3 08 2007

So you all know I think 72 and Sunny totally rock (see 72 and Sunny: Totally Man Crushed for more). But I found (via AdRants, again) a new commercial for Bugaboo that was produced by the 72 and Sunny guys. I couldn’t embed it, but you can watch it here on Bugaboo’s international home page.So this ad is a cross between the ballet and a Daft Punk video. To start out, I really enjoy that it’s men, and not women, who are the heroes in this ad. Just that small change really has an effect on the ad. After all, the cliche of only women using strollers definitely doesn’t help sales at all. Watching this ad really makes me want to purchase the Bugaboo brand stroller – well, when I have a use for one.The ad portrays the benefits of the stroller so clearly while not listing them or even being in your face about them. So great. These 72 and Sunny guys are definitely onto something. I wouldn’t be surprised to be reading about them a lot in the future.




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6 02 2013

I actually needed to show this particular post,
“72 and Sunny Does it Again! How to Not Get a Job
in Advertising” with my close friends on facebook or twitter.
I reallymerely sought to distributed your very good posting!
Thanks, Esther

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