Speaking Up, part 2

31 07 2007

Ok, so my previous post was (hopefully) on how ideas in a smaller agency are more likely to be accepted from anywhere. How an account planner can offer their input on a creative concept, and vice versa.So now I want to talk about something similar, but slightly different. What happens if the creative team has chosen something that sucks? What happens if the creative director is in love with an idea, and everyone directly under him agrees because, umm, he’s the boss.Now what happens if a fresh face walks in, patiently listens to the concept, and says, “hey, that concept isn’t what we want.” They may take some heat, they may not. Again, they may totally save the business. Others in the group may be just dying for the chance to say just that. But they are too scared to speak against their boss.It’s true, sometimes you blindly fall in love with an idea, doing hours of Photoshop work to make advanced sketches only to find out no one else likes it. But maybe they just saved your butt, since the idea sucked anyway.Here is what made me think of this:Now I know, I am biased against Pepsi, having done so much work for Coca-Cola in the 2007 NSAC Competition (see Ithaca’s advertisements here) but still – this ad is creepy!How did this get through the brainstorming phase? Was there no one in the room who was afraid of clowns as a child? (Or an adult – hey, it happens!) This ad, unless shown at a circus convention, will win no new business for Pepsi. Yet they spent tons of money producing and placing this ad. Wow. Sorry, Pepsi, but that idea sucks. Too bad I wasn’t there to say that in the creative meeting! (Ha ha, had to add the old ‘hire me’ in there)Pepsi ad via Adrants




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