30 07 2007

This guy…what a joker.As many of you know, I am an avid reader of Shawn Waite’s blog, Shedwa. I almost always read his first every day, and generally agree with his opinions on advertising. The other day, he commented on an article from Adweek Magazine entitled “Art & Commerce: The Education Gap”. (original article here)Written by Bob Greenberg, the article outlines the current problems the ad industry is having ‘cultivating new talent’. Bob Greenberg writes that this problem is, ‘the most pressing issue facing our industry’.Mr. Greenberg details how a ‘shortage of talent’ has driven up salaries, has caused a stall in progress, and may be the reason for every poor ad ever made. He says the ad industry should be pulling their new talents from ‘sources as diverse as business schools, design schools, and specialized programs like VCU Adcenter and Miami Ad School’.Let me say this first. The Park School at Ithaca College is not a portfolio school. Professors like John Locke are trying to change that, but its slow going. But as an Integrated Marketing Communications grad from the Park School, I have seen many fellow grads create professional quality work. Mr. Greenberg is wrong when he says there is a lack of talent out there. The problem is, it seems extremely hard to get a shot at showing the talent that is out there.Let me also say this, Mr. Greenberg. HIRE ME. Or those like me. We are stoked to get started in this exciting industry. After all, we have heard stories and read articles and studied the history and economics of marketing for four years (or five in some rare cases). We are ready to work hard, bring in money, reach clients, build relationships. We are the next wave of talent. It isn’t always from the Miami Ad School (although I’m sure that is a grand establishment). It’s from everyone who has ever watched an ad and said “I can do that better” or “they just totally missed their target audience” or “what the heck was that?”. We are out there. Take a risk. Hire me. I don’t cost much, and I promise to go quietly if I can’t cut it. But I am willing to stick my neck out there. Make a few mistakes. Fail. But I know I’m going to learn. And eventually I will succeed.So, back to my original point. Shedwa has a great analysis of this article. If you are struggling to score an interview like me, or feel stuck in an entry level position, check it out. You may agree with it, may not. But it is interesting to read about the opinions that are out there.link here: Less Junior Talent and Higher Pay? Where?”




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