Ad Without Product?

30 07 2007

So I wrote yesterday about the “Go Beyond” ad from Land Rover. I enjoyed the story it tells, even if it never speaks directly to a Land Rover, or tells us any information about the Land Rover. But the Land Rover vehicle is one of the central characters in the story.Now I watch this ad for the Microsoft Zune. Those who know me know I am an Apple person, so I have to profess that I would never, ever, buy a Zune and may be biased against this product. But what does this ad have to do with the product? Can anyone tell me? I enjoyed the animation, and the story is one that might resonate with most people, but there was NO incentive to buying a Zune after watching this ad. That is where the story advertisement must succeed. Even though there is no product specs or pricing communicated in the ad, the benefits are felt and the brand or product becomes associated with the morals and values in the story.Land Rover is about breaking free, getting out there and finding yourself.Microsoft Zune…is about flying around and taking Polaroids. Nice. Can’t say I understand where the motivation to buy is coming from, but again the animation is via Gizmodo




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